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The super and pensile weapon of brand of rich and powerful family of 10 old cars
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● runs quickly Airmatic DC pensile system

Running quickly is European car the earliest research and development is active in the factory pensile, also be one of manufacturer that the earliest a fluid pressure type is active pensile on luxurious car applying. But as air type the maturity of active and pensile technology, in adjustable school sex and dependability respect show the dominant position with a more active than fluid pressure type larger suspension. Ran quickly to made new breakthrough 2002, development goes duplex Airmatic DC of air suspension system, innovation sex ground mixes air suspension system from get used to damp suspension system (ADS II) conformity arrives one case, it is to realize soft to bedspring hardness to reach its at the same time namely the double control of in-house air pressure intensity (DualControl) .

Airmatic DC has 4 kinds of pattern: The first mode is soft and comfortable set; Shock absorber of the 2nd mode is adopted hard compress, soft spring back; Shock absorber of the 3rd kind of mode is used soft compress, hard spring back; The 4th kind of mode is oversight the extreme motion mode of comfortable sex. Normally the system can be moved automatically between 1~3 mode school, but in accuse a stage to go up " S/C/M " key-press can offer air officer, if press SPORT key-press, suspension activations the 4th kind of mode. In S class car, airmatic DC induction exceeds 120 kilometers to speed / the hour is in " S " when mode, suspension can reduce 20 millimeter automatically, in order to reduce the focus when travel of car high speed.

Type of air of A8 AAS of ● Ao Di is active and pensile

The plant of Ao Di car that shows with figure of science and technology all along, although be on the history of top class and luxurious car,run quickly not as good as long, but did not lag behind all the time in respect of science and technology. Ao Di A8 is the luxurious car that the whole world introduces complete aluminium the first times to make, and the AAS air formula that A8 uses is active and pensile very banner also.

The design thinking of AAS is clear a lot of, adjustable the limits of school also the congener technology of plant of excel other car, it passes the data that the 3 acceleration sensor that installs 4 sensor in every axle and automobile body collects, by from adaptability air suspension in accuse unit to undertake computational analytic, again with millisecond plan undertakes modulatory to damp of air shock absorber and journey, and this adjusts can be automatic stepless, OK also and factitious ground chooses " comfortable " or " motion " , every wheel contains alone air suspension bedspring, ensure optimal hold accuse gender and perfect drive intimacy. The different point of AAS, still rise in what pay attention to suspension more at its fall -- through changing height of car automobile body to increase its motility is mixed through the gender, offerred 4 kinds of different automobile body road clearance: 145mm of highest road clearance; 95mm of high speed mode; Athletic mode 100mm; Common mode 120mm. It is OK that the suspension of all all theses adjusts control key to finish through the MMI on the side of gear lever, and shortcut key directive is clear (what BMW has not appeared on the market is new the I-drive of 7 departments also fails to accomplish this) now.
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