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Should rise to oil price 50 thousand - litter of oily home of section of 150 tho
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National hair changes appoint announce, rose on June 20, price of benzine, derv rises 1000 yuan every tons. Cost price 5.34 yuan / 93 gasoline that rise rise 0.86 yuan, reach 6.2 yuan / litre. (Cost price 5.68 yuan / 97 gasoline that rise, rise 0.92 yuan, reach 6.6 yuan / litre. Reach 6.6 yuan / litre..

Of oil price rise again, added a car further advocate cost pressure, a few cars advocate express even " rise because of oil price, had left not to have a car " . Under photograph comparing, a lot of holding money waits for bought customer to had centered the look on body of car of section oily family expenses. The circumstance that the reporter feedbacks according to the user undertakes terminal is visited, the condition that omits oily model to the part refers.

50 thousand yuan recommend a model: QQ3

Dynamical parameter (0.8L)

Most high-power (Kw/rpm)


The biggest torque (N.m/rpm)


Oil bad news (0.8L)

Academic oil bad news (L/100km)


Actual oil bad news (L/100km)


The price

Thirty thousand eight hundred - fifty-two thousand eight hundred

Car advocate sound: I choose QQ is for ride instead of walk. QQ platoon amount is smaller, compare with the car photograph of a few 1.8L, 2.0L, very the province is oily, 100 kilometers oily bad news also has 5.0L left and right sides only now.

The expert comments on: Answer oil price to rise, miniature vehicle is the rightest of course. The engine motive force of QQ3 of small car delegate is not powerful, but of 38Kw most high-power can have satisfied the requirement of ride instead of walk with basic people. And the engine of pressure boost of turbine of 0.8L platoon quantity of strange luck research and development also will carry QQ series model, can reduce oily bad news to promote motivation further thereby. QQ because body form is short, platoon volume is not high, the QQ3 hand of 0.8L uses standard type 100 kilometers oily bad news is 3.7L only, economy is good.

6-8 recommends a model 10 thousand yuan: Hai Fuxing

Dynamical parameter

Most high-power (Kw/rpm)

73.5 / 6000

The biggest torque (N.m/rpm)

133 / 4500

Oil bad news

Academic oil bad news (L/100km)