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The province is oily model of SUV of 100 thousand yuan of economy recommends mat
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  3 economy SUV is recommended

Last year is SUV a year when sell big heat in China, occupy data of statistic of association of Chinese auto industry to show, opposite at other take the variety that use a car, the sales volume amplitude of the car ranks motile multipurpose all the time front row, sales volume grows compared to the same period exceeded 50% . Can involve the case that promote ceaselessly in oil price, the SUV model that is a foundation with discharging an amount high all along is getting acid test. What let consumer be at ease nevertheless is, at present emerge in large numbers gives the state model of large quantities of one economy SUV, satisfying customer cross-country hobby while, it is a car again advocate a large sum of fat fee below the province. This period the SUV model that recommends a few to save oil price case to contrast material benefit again already for everybody.

   Model: Beijing contemporary road is gotten the better of

Road is gotten the better of

The model recommends:

Road gets the better of two drive is the 4th product after 2.7L and 2.0L, the target crowd that road of edition of new fund vogue gets the better of basically locates to advocate fashionable young customer, and of this part person driving, it is the brunt crowd of go on a journey of go for a walk in the country in spring. The way that recommends a such opposite economy this for everybody gets the better of 2.0L two drive model, the demand of because SUV market is quantity, at present small to low platoon oily bad news and high power model is bigger, believe this car can be contented broad the demand that has deep love for canvasser.

Fashionable edition road is gotten the better of held to road to get the better of familial characteristic, vent-pipe cent sets two into the left and right sides, as suitable as fruity automobile body rear, give a person a kind of solid, vision impression that uses feeling, balance and security; Its hub uses starfish account 5 aluminium makes hub, move move is very, of its SUV haggard expose without involuntary discharge of urine. Gasbag of double safety of in front of still was deployed inside the car at the same time, roof also equiped to carry buy rack and type of an organic whole on the head to surround.

   Model: Jiang Huairui eagle

Jiang Huairui eagle

The model recommends:

Own car brand develops through a few years, already showed its outstanding gender price to compare gradually, what car of river the Huaihe River rolls out is cross-country model car luck eagle, becoming the new delegate of own SUV brand, drive not only by comfortable sex but with intermediate rival, its exceed wild performance is a course more much square test.
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