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Be the same as a city contend for comparative Rong Wei 550 with Lang Yi and triu
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550 of Rong Wei of the steam on contrast

They come from Shanghai, going up even below the banner of steam group, but face similar competition, the way that has oneself oneself...

In June print that period, I wrote the test-drive of Lavida Lang Yi, I think, with the gender valence comparing looks, lang Yi can say is best compact model intermediate car. Cannot think of, after a month, shanghai is general triumphant change a money more, should know its used is the sale champion of this level, namely by? Sexual price is compared, and valence comparing promotes the sex of new car greatly again undoubtedly!

Now, the another adversary of Shanghai, the own brand after masses of an afterwards Shanghai, Shanghai is general, rolled out Rong Wei 550. Tell the truth, my former thinks, what the car of own brand leans is low price, the result is, the 550 price compared with the brother that be the same as a city want tower above many! This is unavoidable make me rise for its concern.

Price its doesn't matter high, essential still is sexual price is compared. The price of 550 14.28 reach one hundred and eighty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan, compare Lang Yi 11.08 to 15.28 tall, than triumphant those who jump over 11.5 to one hundred and forty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan taller, so, its " quality " from why and come, can you just compare " valence " ?


Go up Shanghai of Lang Yi VS of masses of Shanghai of 550 VS of steam Rong Wei is general triumphant more