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Should hire to only even numbers car and buy two handcart which more economical?
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As Beijing sheet even numbers is restricted to be about to execute all right apply, a lot of begin to be in from the friend that does not drive everyday take a taxi, rent a car or buy the 2nd car to wait numerous in giving a plan indecisive. The course is compared, we think everyday a travel space is longer, buy a two handcart or very of be to one's profit. Sell my car network to investigate an analysis to show according to me:

If buy a Xiali of 2 years, buying price now is 20000 yuan, wait for the resell after be restricted to end all right to give broker the company, can sell 17500 yuan, quite the use cost of every month also 1000 yuan. It is much cheaper to hire fare than what rise continuously now.

Fee is similar still have 3 years of abstruse develop, buying price now is 21500 yuan, open two many months, OK still 19000 yuan reclaim by broker company again. Increase cost of change the name of owner in a register so, every month also is controlled with respect to 1000 yuan.

The Fu Kang that resembles 2 years again 1.4 new free people (RPC) , apparent prep above wants on security and configuration abstruse develop and Xiali, buying price now is 40000 yuan, it is OK to be returned after the Olympic Games 36000 yuan of resell go out, add change the name of owner in a register to expend every month to make expense also is controlled with respect to 1500 yuan, and if use a few months more again, sell prevailing prices won't have too much change before the end of the year, use fee on average in that way to every month more cheap.

For instance nimble of 3 years amounts to spring (CIX) , everybody's accepted sturdy, upkeep cost is low, give indisposition rarely, buying price now is 55000 yuan, after opening 3 months, broker company still can receive 50000 yuan of above, the use cost of every month is less than 2000 yuan.

Above the use cost of these a few cars the charge renting a car compared with the corresponding period saved half above. If press every angel to calculate with 60-100 kilometer, compared with take a taxi to also wanted to save 30-70% .

Additional, must choose when buying two handcart picture in front the model with this kind of high rate of the introduction that keep a cost, market wave motion is small, after use half an year, cheapen scope is very little. Otherwise, probable meeting changes as a result of prices, increase from already use cost.

Through be being compared integratedly, chose an appropriate two handcart to be restricted as only even numbers of the car of ride instead of walk of date of departure or extraordinary be to one's profit. Two handcart still have means of a kind of consign for sale on commission to be able to choose when sell, this kind of means is by broker the company is sold for you, it is to sell final user commonly, reduced the profit of intermediate link, opened 3 months likely, still can sell buy price so, it is OK to need to pay intermediary of consign for sale on commission fee only, and some broker company collects fees very low, the mode of consign for sale on commission that go like the Zhuo Jie of city of car of Ya Yun Cun and is united in wedlock below the line on the line that I sell me car network, after clinching a deal every receive 500 yuan only, use this kind of means to offer rate fast, price is high, answer the friend of only even numbers to buying two handcart, the use cost of 3 months has hundreds of yuan of trifling only.
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