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Having strength just is real benefit 4 privilege exceed car of 15 thousand famil
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The Olympic Games will come, many agency suffer supply of supply of goods to affect, already began to reduce the favourable scope of partial model. However, because condition of agency oneself fund and manufacturer sell politic difference, in car city we discover the model with a few favourable bigger range not hard also. To consumer, what these models cross the privilege of 10 thousand to want to compare a few models apparently at every turn is very few thousands of yuan depreciate to have sincerity more.

   Road is gotten the better of

Beijing contemporary road is gotten the better of

Beijing contemporary road is gotten the better of

Road is gotten the better of is a will cross-country car adopts the model that comfortable sex photograph links gender and car. In cross-country ability respect, although cannot rival professional cross-country SUV, but the road clearance that depends on 195 millimeter, 28.2 degrees are close to horn and 31.9 degrees angle of departure, road gets the better of what deal with a few a section of a highway that have driveway serrate edge to still appear quite easy in the city. In comfortable sex respect, road is gotten the better of those who use is four-wheel independent and pensile system, front overhang is suspension of Mai Fuxun independence, rear overhang supports system of pillar independence suspension for connecting rod, in air officer respect also more comfortable sex of deflection Yu Shu. Finally, road is gotten the better of there also is distinguishing feature relatively on configuration, outside waiting for configuration except fog lamp of relatively common ABS EBD, dynamoelectric adjustable rearview mirror, around, still deserve to have can lift the configuration such as rear window, inhaler.

Road gets the better of the 2 privilege in inn of Beijing area 4S to be 20 thousand yuan, 2.7 quantities slightly tall, achieved 25 thousand. Suffer the Olympic Games to be affected to agency supply of goods, the extent of near future privilege that road gets the better of increases possibility further not quite. Consumer buys a car to also can consider this car mainly like the near future.

Relevant report:

Beijing contemporary road gets the better of 4S highest fall 26 thousand lowest makes work only one hundred and forty-nine thousand eight hundred


08 Fox will appear on the market in September old money is 15 thousand yuan to depreciate completely

07 Fox

It is reported, 08 Fox were about to appear on the market formally September. Go up in Beijing field at present advocate sell for 07 Fox. With on generation photograph is compared, 07 Fox basically were to use brand-new the bumper before the aerodynamics of type of an organic whole of the design and dynamoelectric adjustment rearview mirror (bring caution light of side direction tall brightness) etc. Act the role of a respect inside, 07 Fox alter lesser, basic with go up generation product style is same. Finally, fox was used with Ma Zida 3, Wo Erwo S40 adopted identical C1 platform. In the meantime, because acceded,the batholith of WRC racing bicycle is designed, match with deputy frame of high rigid from beginning to end, the tigidity of structure of Fox whole automobile body and fight twist a gender relatively outstanding also.
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