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E4 house: Whole world of Urbo S of 鏣 of ㄑ of J benzene Song head send 1.698 mi
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Perhaps Chinese car exhibits somebody to not be world-famous manufacturer place to take seriously, do not pass a fact however may not is such. Current Beijing car is exhibited above, the nimble when protecting brought newest high-powered highway SUV to block the Turbo of the strongest model of the banquet. We let get its charm below.

On April 20, 2006, exhibit in 2008 Beijing car on, protected Shi Jie head to send new fund Cayenne to block banquet Turbo S, as the high-powered version of Cayenne, new fund Cayenne blocks banquet Turbo S to be able to achieve 521bhp most high-power, own unapproachable highway travel property. With stylish money Cayenne Turbo S blocking a banquet is returned as before give attention to two or morethings of SUV admirable through function, for the successful personage of those acute meaning enterprising quantity body is custom-built.

Turbo S of banquet of card of new fund Cayenne matchs stock “ basic model ”4.5 rises engine of pressure boost of 8 crocks of double turbine. Most high-power and torque raised 521bhp and 720N.m respectively. New fund Cayenne blocks what banquet Turbo S finishs 0-100km/h to quicken time to need 5.2 seconds only, top below electronic speed limit speed is to climb more rise 270km/h. Turbo S of banquet of card of new fund Cayenne is special equiped 20 inches of light qualitative aluminous wheels, have system of self-regulation of fully control height and active damping system. Run a system by Porsche traction control (PTM) has function of four-wheel drive of electronic pilot full-time, can the motivation engine is timely undertake reasonable allocation, bring acme thereby move feeling drive experience.

Shi Jie can be protected in the whole nation since this day of Turbo S of banquet of card of new fund Cayenne agency office is accepted book, price rises 1.698 million yuan for the RMB.

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