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E2 house: 0Asian head sends RL of 9 paragraph Acura eulogize
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Luxurious car of new fund 2009 Acura RL is exhibited in Beijing international car now appear first. 2009 Acura RL depends on the powerful new-style engine, intelligence that upgrade the modelling of 4 drive system, bold innovation and more advanced electron technology broke through again motion, luxurious and drive the limit of fun, will make motion the new model of luxurious car. This new car will this year second half of the year is in countrywide Acura (eulogize) city of storefront of engage by special arrangement.

Brand-new engine and gear-box

2009The innovation of Acura RL only then at Acura (eulogize) the engine with the most powerful throughout history. Brand-new the engine of 3.7 litres of V6 of development used VTEC orgnaization at the same time in inlet valve and exhaust valve first, can output the torque that is as high as 370N•m and 226kW (307 horsepower) motivation, have higher compression ratio, still use special dual class magnesium to enter gas manifold, make enter gas to be able to develop sheet to aerate according to engine operating mode pressure boost or double aerate pressure boost function. Except motivation and torque promotion, 2009 Acura RL achieved slashing European IV date to discharge a level, have extremely tall fuel economy. Because the engine cabin of RL was used surround new-styly face plate installation, more show high-grade.
The engine of 3.7 litres of V6 of new development

To control the powerful motive force of 3.7L engine, 2009 Acura RL installed new edition contain Sequential SportShift (successive movement shifts gear mode) 5 fast hands from transmission of an organic whole. Its characteristic is the style of new-style intelligence F1 that used installation to go up in steering wheel shift gear batch piece go up in console with installation shift gear lever, 2009 Acura RL was the person that drive to offer when to await than holding the post of before more show drive the control discharging archives of fun.

More developmental intelligence SH-AWD of 4 drive system (freedom of power of super four-wheel drive controls a department)

2009Acura RL is right Acura (eulogize) the core technique with unique whole world covers a SH-AWD (freedom of power of super four-wheel drive controls a system) undertake be configuringed afresh, with compare before, the system is answered faster, performance is higher.

Four-wheel drive has a lot of advantages in drawing respect, however Acura (eulogize) the SH-AWD of original creation (freedom of power of super four-wheel drive controls a system) the main function that place of system of a kind of conventional four-wheel drive is done not have. It is accumulate those who contain ” of “ active intelligence is complete round of drive system, can allot different power automatically to 4 wheels intelligence according to demand, turn in car for example when, SH-AWD (freedom of power of super four-wheel drive controls a system) the rotate speed of rear wheel of the side outside rising, make of car change an operation to precision taller, those who offer “ follow one's inclinations ” drive accuse fun. Drop the negative charge when car front-wheel drive is turning greatly at the same time, give birth to the hair that turns to inadequacy machine rate to fall to lowest. When wet slippery road surface is quickened, more but with car stability support system (VSA) joint action, the stability that escalates traffic significantly and hold charge a sex.
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