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E4 house: Asia of racing bike of Allardo LP560-4 of 酖 of disease ┗ head hair
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Bo Jini published Gallardo LP560-4 recently the detail of super racing bike, this car is exhibited in Beijing car go up to appear formally. This car carries an engine of 5.2 litres of V10, it uses type of pool striking oil to lubricate, air cylinder included angle is 90 degrees, compression ratio 12.5: 1, most high-power 560 horsepower / 412 kilowatt @8000 turns, peak value torque 540 oxen rice. 0-100 kilometer / the hour quickens time 3.7 seconds, 0-200 kilometer / the hour quickens time 11.8 seconds, highest speed per hour 325 kilometers. Besides can choose 6 fast gear-box of E-gear ordinal type can be passed batch piece outside shifting gear, LP560-4 still deployed four-wheel drive agglutinant traction system (Viscous Traction) transfer power front-wheel drive of times endurance Pzero 235/35 ZR 19 and rear wheel of 295/30 ZR 19 to go up, adscititious lock is led surely be restricted to slip for the rear wheel of 45% poor fast implement. Car plant shows, of LP560-4 shift gear rate rose 40% . Because fuel is with firebox of infuse of straight gush means, because this is in,the fuel economy inside limits of whole rotate speed raises engine somewhat, to average the LP560-4 that 100 kilometers oily bad news is 14 litres, the gasoline tank of 90 litres of cubage still calculates appropriate.

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