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This cropland releases car of Paris of newest mixture motor vehicle to exhibit a
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Yesterday, motor Corporation releases this cropland reveal its brand-new mixture motor vehicle, exhibit the Parisian international vehicle that holds at next month on withNotional car form head shine. According to ministry of this cropland England environment ministerial JohnKingston introduces, this cropland mixes motor vehicle to be 5 5 type that lift a back, automobile body designs follow this cropland FCXClarityNotional car model. This car produces You Bentian's brand-new platform. Additional, motor vehicle mixes to want before he still divulges the dynamical system of this car will be compared light, and important part all is installed under mothball box, use a space with enlarge Mahayana.

This cropland releases car of Paris of newest mixture motor vehicle to exhibit a home that sends a carThis Tian Quanxin mixture motivation predicts market price under 19 thousand dollar (add up to a RMB about 129 thousand yuan) . Current, think of region to mix the price since dynamical edition to be twenty-two thousand six hundred dollar (add up to a RMB about 154 thousand yuan) , and acute of abundant cropland general this remove price to be twenty-one thousand five hundred dollar (add up to a RMB about 146 thousand yuan) .

Ceng Xuan says before this field company spokesman, 3 of this cropland mixture motor vehicle (think of region to mix dynamical edition, brand-new mixture motor vehicle and CR-Z mix motor vehicle) will sell at appearing on the market 2011, predicting sales volume is 40 ~ 500 thousand.

As we have learned, this cropland car plan will use mixture power system on more minicar, because be on this kind of model, the oldest rate develops mixture power ability the efficiency of its environmental protection. This also avoided to develop direct competition with its adversary.

Occupy dispatches from foreign news agency to report, the mixture motor vehicle with this the at present biggest field is to consider region, and will apply mixture dynamic model to will become more and more cabinet henceforth. Next year, motor Corporation will roll out this cropland an a bit smaller than considering region mixture motor vehicle. And a smaller motile mixes motor vehicle CR-Z to also will appear on the market subsequently. (civil / Chen Zhijie)

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