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2008 Beijing car exhibits the happy video that inspect a net to sow guest contes
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On September 18, 2008, exhibit an organizing committee to initiate by Beijing car, happy the “ Beijing car that inspects a net to undertake is exhibited happy inspect video to sow guest contest ” to choose a result finally to announce, show itself in the sharp eye that float of 26 paragraphs of essence exhibits video to evaluate group and expert evaluation group in the masses, obtain respectively one, 2, third class award, work “ is out of shape King Kong ” wins first prize. This the happy video that inspect a net sows guest contest also is video of first car of domestic sows guest contest, the participation of many 5000 work drove netizen of times of video of our country Internet to participate in the new pattern that video reports to the car is exhibited.

50 skies send 5000 work

Happy inspect Liu Hong of vice president of new medium director to appear on the stage to make a speech

Video of class of roof of current home steam sows guest contest to wait for website of domestic much home to be made hand in hand by Sohu of the happy combination that inspect a net, sina, Tecent, Netease. The contest involves content extensive, exhibit concerned photograph and video to be able to enter a race with the car, the player attends work directly through website or mobile phone carry participate in choose. Match cent evaluates two level for masses evaluation and expert, poll by the masses first generation is seleted work 50 times, enter the person that final bear the palm is singled out in net work from these by expert commissioner group again.

Happy inspect Liu Hong of vice president of new medium director to say, happy since inspecting car video to sow guest contest to open contest from April, get of lover of Che Youhe video chase after ardently hold in both hands, during the activity in 50 days inside, share 5297 work to upload, among them video work 2359, picture work 2938.
Reporter discovery, there is the work of professional video producer already in many 5000 work, also there is no lack of the car is friendly people the video work that oneself make. According to the happy statistic that inspect a net, await choose work to click a quantity to be achieved 5.24 million times, the website browses a quantity to achieve during the activity 9.58 million, the netizen can be passed landHttp://auto.letv.comWatch bear the palm to reach take part in the match video.

“ is out of shape King Kong ” wins 10 thousand yuan of large award
In first prize in choosing, the bemused ” that the “ that netizen Bobyyy01 makes is out of shape King Kong encounters real world does what laugh gut and fluent editing and rearrangement obtain more than times 220 thousand richly, easily to click with its imagination broadcast, the very preponderance of 5000 tickets obtains up to large award of 10 thousand yuan of bonus.
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