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Brand-new car of Ford Ka Paris exhibits a hair to will appear newest 007 film
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The new adventure that gets person attention in heart of James · state " the Wen Zhi of 007 is loved " in, the Ford Ka that look brand-new will be ablaze come on stage, your person finds everything new and fresh.

In film, small-sized car will accompany this brand-new Ford the Ke Ruilan of · of Ou Jia of " of " country young woman of beauty firm intense bandit (Olga Kurylenko) come on stage, the first time appear on screen. Ke Ruilan bandit blocks Mill in the personate in drama (Camille) one horn, him bear mission, make Bond's very not reliable ally very quickly.

" the Wen Zhi of 007 is loved " medium Ford Ka depends on the adornment inside its aureate lacquer face, unique automobile body design and car, appear extraordinary.

Brand-new Ford Ka will be exhibited in 2008 Paris car on first hair.

The history of Ford Ka

Ka of generation Ford appears at was being exhibited in Parisian car 1996. Once exhibit, be designed by right of " of its " new wing instantly and turn up his nose at drive with what fellow enjoy, win recognition.

Immediately of Ka of generation Ford launchs a sale in complete Europe, ford Ka is in its are whole in product cycle all wide accept favour, produced many 1.46 million car in all. Be in England only, ford Ka has 500 thousand user, become the leading sheep of its fractionize market since 2000.

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