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08 entrances car is exhibited beautiful bring newest the 207cc that appear on th
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"This second entrance car is exhibited beautiful and familial reunite greatly "

The Shanghai 2008 is exhibited into buccal car on, beautiful the entrance model that brought whole department, this has 407 Coupe and 307cc not only among them model of two high end, still brought the 207cc that just appeared on the market on September 6. Accordingly, the beautiful it may be said exhibiting a stage that is located in S004 area is “ adds up to a happy ” , send auspicious picture.

"207cc was last year champion of sales volume of European small-sized car "

Exhibit in the car on most those who get attention still is to appear on the market the 207cc that is less than a week, champion of sales volume of European small-sized car met with our China consumer eventually this last year. Two models that 207cc rolls out this are respectively: GT150 fashionable edition, price is 255 thousand yuan, GT150 elite edition is 295 thousand yuan.

"The appearance design photograph of 207cc is more fashionable than 206cc "

The appearance of 207cc passed brand-new design, car head part applied ” of beautiful modelling of “ big mouth, and exceed big car bid by park car head in the center of, very grab an eye. Compare with the petite figure photograph of 206cc, the automobile body dimension of 207cc wants to be increased somewhat. Telescopic roof and 206CC have clear distinction, it can come true full automatic operate, need not intervene artificially, operate finish inside 25 seconds.

"207cc uses 1.6T motor "

Dynamical respect is the window of this car outside, the gasoline engine of pressure boost of turbine of 1.6 elevatory efficiency that this car uses P.S.A and BMW collaboration research and development, power of the biggest output can amount to 150 horsepower, and output of the biggest torque also can amount to 240N·m, 100 kilometers need 8.6 seconds only quickly, overall performance can be rivalled with 2.5 litres of engine.

"The security of 207cc is high "

In safe respect, 207CC is divided emphasize outside strengthening A column, B column and side column, still strengthened door shell plating, embedded strengthen a canal, what what at the same time it installs is distinctive prevent roll the system obtains club of total heart car (ADAC) roll security is highest cent.
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